BGE Business Enterprise

The aim of the BGE Business Enterprise course is to give pupils a taster of the subjects offered under the Business umbrella. It is a hands on practical course designed to allow pupils to be creative and entrepreneurial.

Topics Covered:

* Introduction to entrepreneurship and business ethics

* The Operations function

* The Human Resource function

* The Marketing function

* The finance function

* The Apprentice Challange

* Scottish enterprise and the Scottish economy

* Business influences

* Globalisation

Snow Days February/March 2018

S2 and S3 Business Enterprise

Go onto the following website: and watch the video about Sophie and the make-up in her hand bag.

Look in your bag (handbag, school bag or sports bag etc.) and pick an item.

Use the internet to research and create a fact sheet on the history of that item. Include the following:

* Which country did the item first go on sale?

* Which country buys the most of that item now and why do they like it?

* What other products do the people in that country buy and why?

* What ingredients are used to make your product and where do they come from?

* Any other information that you think is relevant

Challenge Task: Research what inflation is and why does it happens.