Promoting Positive Behaviour Policy

At Eyemouth High School, we aim to provide learners with the best education and aim for them to be:


These values will guide our practice and decisions; we will promote them within the school community:

We believe that, whilst everyone is different, everyone can learn and so we expect everyone to:

    • Get qualified
    • Get involved
    • Improve


We believe that you learn well in an environment that offers well-judged praise and recognition of achievement, looks and focuses on your strengths, takes you seriously, and shows a genuine interest in you.

 In support of this, our school aims to:

  • Create an effective learning environment, free from distraction and disturbance;
  • Promote self-respect and respect for others;
  • Promote a “I can do…” attitude;
  • Make sure that we are all safe.

School rules

 We should all feel happy, safe, respected and included in school and all of us should be proactive in promoting positive behaviour throughout school. This is central to effective learning and preparation for independent living. We need to work to certain rules in order to achieve this:

  • Be quiet and listen when someone is talking;
  • Do as you are asked, first time;
  • Speak in a quiet voice (unless otherwise asked);
  • Don’t disturb others, especially when they’re working;
  • If you’re in class and you want to ask something or answer a question, put your hand up;
  • Respect your school, books and equipment.

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