The school policy is that, where appropriate, homework should form part of the course work taught in all years. Homework should not be an artificial addition to the work in class but it should fit, in a planned way. The homework set should increase a student's performance and motivation. Homework should not be an unpleasant, very heavy burden - this would harm a student's interest. This is especially true in the junior years.

Homework might be traditional written work, reading sections from books, learning information by heart, research projects, revising for tests and self-set work. The work done at home should help students perform better and also help them become more self reliant in their study habits. Subject teachers will show students how to do homework and guidance teachers will also give specific help on how to study and organise work during the Social Education programme.

The school gives very good homework diaries to students at no charge and parents are strongly recommended to check this diary regularly.

By praising good work done at home and giving encouragement when difficulties arise, parents can be of great help to their children and support the work done by the school. Please open your child's books regularly, to see how (s)he is getting on. Even though you do not know much about the subject, you can certainly do the following:

  • check that homework is done in good time
  • check for neatness of writing and layout
  • check that most of the questions have an answer
  • where there is no answer, check that your son or daughter has opened his/her textbook or notes at the correct place to look for clues to the answer. Teachers expect students to refer to books and notes - this is definitely not cheating. If still stuck, your son or daughter should make a point of seeking their teacher's help before the day of handing in. This can be done during class or going to the teacher's class at registration or during a break.
  • check the marks, grades and comments which many teachers write at the end of written homework exercises.

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