National Qualifications

The links below take you to useful  documentation explaining many of the qualifications now available via the new National Qualifications, as well as advice and support materials for students working towards National Qualifications .

 The documents have been produced by the National Parent Forum of Scotland and try to present the information in a way that avoids the kind of jargon that teachers and other educational professionals can fall in to the trap of using.

 They will be of particular interest to parents of young people making choices for 4th, 5th and 6th Years, and of course to the young people making choices too.

 Please check the links periodically, as the information available will be updated and expanded.

 Also, watch out for further updates to the website where we shall provide information to help parents and young people understand the kind of learner pathways and progression routes which are available within the new National Qualifications structure.

 Kenny McKay

Depute Headteacher

March 2015