S3 Profile

The end of S3 marks the end of a student's Broad General Education; in S4, students begin their Senior Phase, working to achieve national qualifications.

To mark the end of the Broad General Education, all students in Scotland are expected to complete an S3 Profile. This Profile sums up what students have learned about (knowledge) or learned to do (skills) in the secondary phase of their Broad General Education, including their greatest achievements. To support this, Profiles are structured as follows:

  1. Personal Statement
  2. Curricular Areas (i.e. subjects)
  3. Skills for Life, Learning and Work (i.e Literacy, Numeracy, Thinking & Learning, and Working With Others & Leadership)
  4. Wider Achivement

S3 students will be presented with their Profiles in the last week of S3.

Any questions in relation to S3 Profiles should be directed to MrsM Hodgkins, Depute Headteacher. 

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