Literacy is no longer locked in the confines of the English Department, instead following the guidelines issued under A Curriculum for Excellence, it belongs across the curriculum. All subjects are looking at ways to promote and improve the literacy levels of our students.

Literacy is about being able to read, understand and express your thinking. To be able to do this you need to be able to understand the 'text' you have before you whether it is a Shakespearean play, a scientific report, a poem, an advert or film media. When we talk about 'text' we mean anything that we need to look at, understand and think about: eg recipes, picture images, graphs and so on.

Our school's literacy pages are there to provide helpful resources and links for students, teachers and the folks at home. Please make use of them.

At the bottom of this page there are a number of downloadable items including the Literacy Mats. Literacy Mats have been developed by the teachers in the Berwickshire Learning Community and we intend to share resources with any school interested in using them.

Tools for Writing Homework programme

All S1 and S2 students and some S3 students are on a course to help them with literacy skills. These are designed to improve the technical accuracy of our students and to challenge persistent errors. These booklets are available in the Homework areas of the website.Literacy Games to help with Technical Accuracy

Follow the link below to access a number of free literacy games. All of these will help you improve your technical accuracy.

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