N4 and N5 Writing

Facebook Essay

Use this page to plan and research a N4 or N5 persuasive essay on the subject of Facebook. There are links to how to plan your essay and print off a plan. There are YouTube links to reasons why some young people don't like Facebook. Make sure you use at least two sources and refer to them in your essay and footnotes.

Thesis: Facebook is not a force for good as it is neither “social” nor does it create genuine “networking”. Because of Facebook teenagers are more vulnerable to abuse and personal unhappiness.

 Do you agree or disagree? Write a persuasive essay to convince me either way.



          At least 300 and not more than 800 words.

          Every sentence makes sense at first reading

          The essay has a clear structure:


                   Interesting opening

                   Statement of point of view (the thesis)

                   Reason 1 with explanation / evidence

                   Reason 2 with explanation / evidence

                   Reason 3 with explanation / evidence

                   Summary conclusion


          These points will use connectives (eg furthermore, in addition,

           morever, to sum up).

           Sentences will make sense at first reading

           You will have checked and proof read your essay before submitting it.

You should make use of the supporting materials below but also feel free to use your own research. Any research should be credited by listing the article or the webpage at the end of your essay. You should feel free to quote what others say but if you don’t credit it at the end or in a footnote you will be accused of plagiarism by the SQA and your essay will fail.

 Finished essays can be attached and emailed to me at:



1. Planning your essay: use this helpful online plan which will help you sort out your thoughts and come up with the 'skeleton' plan for your essay. You can print it out on paper if you wish to create your own plan.


2. I hate Facebook You Tube



3. Teenink article on why Facebook is a big time waster


4. Some arguments about Facebook (custom Facebook essay)


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