S5/S6 Persuasive Writing

Persuasive Writing

Mr Yule’s Higher and Nat 5 Class

Writing Folio: Second piece – Broadly Discursive

Due in 2 stages:


Stage 1

An outline of your proposals and arguments by Friday 16th January 2015

There are 2 useful tools for this:




download “How to construct an argument” and use this: it’s at the bottom of this page:



Either of these tools will be very suitable as evidence of planning and creating your first draft.


It is an important part of this task that you use sources for research and refer to them in your essay and in the list of sources at the end.

Remember to keep a careful note of any sources: this must include the complete web page address if you are using the internet and the Author, Title, Publishing Company and page reference if using a book :

Yule, Ian : “How to succeed at English” (Hodder, 1975, p.12)

 If it is a newspaper or magazine article you must refer to the paper and the date if you have it:

Daily Mirror, November 12th 2014




Stage 2

A first draft by Friday 30th January 2015

Word Count:      Nat 5 No more than 1,000 words

                                Higher: No more than 1,300 words

There is a good guide to the structure of this essay at:



Success Criteria

The things which I will be looking out for which will indicate success are:


  • An interesting title
  • An interesting opening (eg anecdote, statistics, an example)
  • A clear thesis / stance which is sustained throughout the piece of writing
  • The use of different kinds of sentences to create effects

Rhetorical questions

Short sentences

Linking words / phrases / linking sentences

  • A sense of the writer’s personality / ownership of the topic / passion for it

Persuasive Language / Emotive Words / Striking evidence

  • Arguments which are supported by evidence / sources
  • An effective conclusion

Full circle to opening or title

An anecdote to illustrate the point

A clear summary of the main points perhaps finishing on a rhetorical

question which will keep the reader thinking

  • Very few technical errors (evidence of editing / proof reading)






The ‘Essential Articles’ series is an excellent resource available to the school. Our username is ‘Eyemouth’ and the password is ‘Harbour’






Find all the support materials you need for persuasive writing by dowloading the attached documents below:

File Attachments