S1/2 Course information

In S1 and S2 students are introduced to a broad range of art and design skills and techniques.  Focused practical tasks are developed over the two years into projects of gradually increasing complexity which aim develop students' confidence, independence and creativity. 

Developing generic skills such as hand-eye coordination and extended focus on individual tasks are an important underlying aim of Art and Design as well as building an understanding of presentation skillls which can support learning across the whole school for the learners' whole education.

Learners will:

  •  Look at the work of other artists and designers such as Hundertwasser or van Gogh to enhance and deepen their  knowledge and understanding. 
  • Experiment with media and technologies (for instance, paint, ceramics, collage, pastels), comparing them and developing an  understanding of their properties.
  • Produce artworks through which they can convey ideas, thoughts and feelings, such as portraits or ceramic vessels.
  • Develop drawing skills which enable them to record what they see with increasing accuracy and detail.
  • Develop an understanding of the design process which enables effective development of imaginative design solutions.
  • Be able to analyse artworks, giving informed and justified opinions of their own and others' work. For instance, in comparing the work of David Bellany and Lucien Freud, they will be able to explain their preferences giving clear reasons which relate to the techniques, processes and concepts used.

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