S3 Course Information

In S3 Art and Design aims to create opportunities for students to work more independently within a given framework in order to allow for more exploration and creativity.  By the end of S3 students should have enhanced their skills and confidence in Art and design so that they are able to work with independence on tasks set, while continuing to receive technical instruction and guidance.  The course is based around two extended units of work, in order to develop an understanding of the requirements of NATIONAL 4/5 qualifications in Art and Design: 

 Learners will:

  • experiment with control and assurance to create images and objects, for instance a poster design or a ceramic vessel.
  • use media (both 2D and 3D) sensitively and with skill, to convey a range of information, thoughts and feelings.
  • be able to communicate appropriate original and imaginative design solutions in response to a brief.
  • Be able to analyse artworks, giving considered opinions of their own and others' work. For instance, in comparing the work of Clarice Cliff and Emma Williams, they will be able to explain their preferences giving clear explanations which relate to the techniques, processes and inspiration used.
Design Activity - Ceramics
  • Using the design process, students will design and make a 3D item in response to a given brief.

  • Research and evaluate the work of a selection of designers from the Art Deco period and contemporary designers, to deepen their understanding of art and design.

  • Use their understanding of others' work to inform their design development

Design Activity - Posters
  • Using the design process, students will develop a range of ideas using direct observation as a starting point.


  • Experiment with a range of graphic techniques to develop original designs with independence.


  • Use their understanding of others' work to inform their design development.
Expressive Activity - Landscape


  •  Develop knowledge and understading of a broad range of experimental media techniques.
  • Using poetry as a starting point develop appropriate compositions that reflect the mood and setting of the text.
  • understand the  choices and decisions to be made in planning a composition.
  • produce a coherent landscape composition with skill, showing an understanding of media and techniques used.
  • be able to evaluate their own and others work effectively, to identify strengths and weaknesses in a productive and useful way.
Expressive Activity - Still Life
  • Using selected objects and a variety of media, compose and create several still life artworks

  • Research and evaluate a variety of art, focusing on cubism as well as contemporary artists.

  • experiment with a range of media and techniques to further develop an understanding of processes and opportunities available.

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