Physical Education

Physical Education is an aspect of education which specifically employs physical activity to achieve the aims, purposes and principles of the curriculum for excellence.

S1-3 Broad General Education Course information

The content of the course provides enjoyable, planned work to improve pupil’s physical ability, affective development, attitude and understanding of the subject. The pupils develop an appreciation of the need for exercise and also for interpersonal skills. Activities include; Aerobics, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Dance, Fitness, Football, Hockey, Gymnastics, Rugby, Tennis and Volleyball.

S4-6 Core Physical Education

Core PE ( as above with additional activities)

Senior Phase Course Information

Physical Education National 4 consists of three Units

  • Factors Impacting on Performance (Completed student workbook)
  • Performance Skills
  • Added Value Unit : Performance (single or one off performance involving preparation).

To achieve Physical Education National 4, learners must pass all of the Units.


Physical Education National 5 consists of two units.

  • Performance Skills
  • Factors Impacting on Performance ( Completed student workbook)

To achieve Physical Education National 5  the learner must pass all of the Units as well as the Course Assessment. In the Course Assessment, the learner will extend and apply the skills they have learned. This will be assessed by a performance and completion of a portfolio.

The Performance is a one off or single performance worth 60 marks

  • Planning and Preparation (written and warm-up) 10 marks
  • Performance 40 marks
  • Evaluation (written) 10 marks

The Portfolio is a written assessment done in class worth 40 marks.


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