The library stocks a comprehensive range of study guides for National 5 and Higher courses,  Students can make use of these and library computers throughout the school day, including break and lunchtimes.

The school library is open throughout the school day from 8.55am- 4pm Monday to Thursday and 8.50am-1.30pm on a Friday. The large circular library is bright and spacious providing pupils and staff with a unique area to study and relax.

The library can comfortably accommodate more than 50 pupils and offers quiet place to study, read, complete homework or use one of the 15 computers available. An adjacent conference room can be booked for small group work or meetings.

The library is staffed by a professional librarian, Mrs Renstead and a team of library helpers.


What the library has to offer?


The library stock is divided into Fiction, Non-Fiction and Reference. Pupils in S1 and S2 are timetabled to use the library during class time but are also encouraged to borrow books during breaks, lunch or after school.

How do I become a library member?

All pupils must complete a library membership form in order to borrow books. If pupils are members of the public library they can use their card to borrow books from the school library. The Young Scot card also be used as a library card and pupils are encouraged to use this to borrow resources.

How long can I keep a book?

All books are issued for a 3 week loan period. If pupils do not return a book within 5 days of the due date an overdue letter will automatically be sent home. Letters are issued by library headquarters.  Pupils can renew books if they would like to borrow a book for a longer period.



15 computers are available in the library. Pupils must book computers in advance during break and lunch.

Study Facilities

Pupils can use the library during and outwith class time. The library has a comprehensive range of, for example past exam papers and revision papers.

Careers Library

The Careers library can be found in the library and appointments can be made with the Careers Officer who visits the school on a regular basis.  A wide range of college, university and job information can be found in the Careers library .  If you are unable to find what you are looking for speak in the first instance to Mrs Renstead or the Carres Oficer, Gillian Millar when she is available.

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