There are a whole range of various Biology courses at different levels. The courses are taught by either Dr Robertson, Ms Good  or Mrs Lathe and we are all more than happy to answer any questions about anything to do with Biology courses or work you are having problems with.

S3 Biology

The New S3 Biology course is being taught by Dr Robertson, Ms Good and Mrs Lathe. It covers part of Units 1 and 3 of the National 5 Biology course.

Senior Biology S4,5 and 6

This year at the senior level, in S4,5 and 6  we are running the following courses as described below. Further details about these courses can be found on the SQA website.

Higher Biology

This is being taught by Dr Robertson so please go to the pages in that section for more information.

National 5 Biology

This is one of the CfE courses which is being offered to all our students. There are three units:

1 Life on earth

2 Cell Biology

3 Mulitcellular organisms

There will be a test at the end of each unit and there will be at least one practcal investigation which will be part of the assessment of the course assignment. This assignment will be worth 20% of the final course award. If all these assessments are successfully completed the student will be eligible for the externally assessed course examination in May (depending on an acceptable result in the preliminary examination).

National 4 Biology

This course also comprises three Units. There will be an End of Unit Test at the end of each unit. Students will be awarded three National 4 Unit passes and on completion of the Added Value Unit can be awarded the National 4 Biology course award.

This course is suitable for students wanting to take two years to complete the National 5 course as well as students only wanting to complete this course award in one year.



Homework help is available every morning before registration, most lunchtimes and after school if requested. Brief queries can probably be dealt with at break.

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