Chemistry is the study of the materials that make up everyday life. All materials - including plastics, fuel and metals - are made of chemicals, and understanding these unlocks the doors to our physical and natural world. Chemistry provides learners with knowledge of how substances are made up and how chemical reactions can change things. 



Resilient schools:

S3:  Use evans Chemweb (link below) 

You should complete the tests for National 4 and National 5 Nuclear Chemistry.

Then, you should read the National 4 and 5 revision sections on "Fertilisers".


S4-6 students

 Remember to use the SQA Understanding Standards website.  You have GLOW passwords - support materials are in place already in the shared document section of "ONEDRIVE".  You should also use SCHOLAR and Evans Chemweb.


Homework day Higher Chem is Monday.

17/9/18:  Complete the written questions for 1.2 periodicity & Do Multichoice qs 1-21.  This should be done with a text book and Key areas statement book.


24 Sept:  UNit test for Unit 1 - check Key areas doc and revise using SCHOLAR

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March 2018 Extra Study Zones: Study sessions will be offered Tues-Fri at 8:15am.  Lunchtimes will also be arranged on return to school from the "snow days", these sessions of will be placed on notice board opposite the classroom, and will take place until easter break. 

 link to N5 revision: N5 Revision in a nutshell

S3 Course information

Present rotation of chemistry

Nuclear Chemistry and Fertilisers (4 week block)

 Useful weblinks:

Evans chemweb

SQA Chemistry page

Explora (website for science in EU)

Element Song

RSC Learn Chemistry

Digital SQA exam papers

N4 BBC Bitesize

N5 BBC Bitesize

Alchemist (S2 to AH)

Kelso materials (N4 to AH)

H BBC Bitesize


 Useful film archive

Fossil fuel intro

Atomic Arcade

BP videos

BP Resources

Higher videos and animations


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