General Science S1, S2 and S3

S1 & 2 Science

Science in the first two years is a general science course. Each year will be working through a series of units covering all the science areas. New units have been written to meet the requirements of  "The Curriculum for Excellence" (CfE). Each unit has an end of unit test and there will be weekly homework tasks to complete too.

Please see the teachers' individual pages for each class in S1 and S2.


 S3 Science

All students in S3 will be working towards completing Level 3 Experiences and Outcomes and some students will be completing more Level 4 work. There will be three classes following a rotation through each science area: physics, chemistry and biology and one class completing all their units of work with one teacher.

Go to Mr Macdonalds S3 page to get the work to be done.

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