Senior Phase Business Management

Business Management is offered at Nat 4, Nat 5, Higher and Advanced Higher.

National 4 Business and National 5 Business Management

Business and enterprise are at the heart of a successful Scottish economy. These courses offer pupils the opportunity to study and explore the dynamic and complex business and information environment in which we live. Pupils are encouraged to develop the skills and knowledge which will allow them to access, understand and contribute to Scotland’s business economy.

Higher Business Management

This course gives students a good understanding of how businesses operate in the private, public and third sectors and their role in society. It focuses on key business areas such as finance, marketing and human resources management.

The Course also emphasises the increasing role that information and communication technology (ICT) plays in business-orientated organisations. Learners will develop skills for learning, life and work that will be of instant use in the workplace. It supports personal financial awareness through developing learners’ knowledge of financial management in a business context.

Advanced Higher Business Management

This course will enable learners to develop confidence in their ability to analyse business situations and reach valid, logical conclusions as a result of undertaking their own research.

Learners' horizons will be extended as they will be challenged to look at underpinning principles which guide managerial decision-making in business at local, national and global levels. This will enable them to become more confident and successful in their ability to understand and offer solutions to business issues.

Snow days February/March 2018

National 4 and 5 Business Mangement

Pupils should continue to evaluate their understanding of Area of Study 1 Understanding Business. They can use their jotters, textbooks, links below and National 5 files attached to help them revise any areas of weakness. National 5 students should also use the past papers on the SQA website to practice answering questions.

Higher Business Management

I have sent an email to all Higher Business Management students with the work to complete. I would like them to cover Income Statements and Statements of Financial Position I have attached below the relevant files.

Pupils could also use this time to evaluate their learning of Unit 1 Understanding Business. They can use the checklist attached along with their jotter, textbook, core notes attached and Scholar (see link below) to help them to revise their areas of weakness. They should also use the past paper questions on the SQA website to practice their exam technique.

If you have any questions please email Mrs Martin

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