“Geography is the study of the earth’s landscapes, peoples, places and environments. It is, quite simply, about the world in which we live”.

The Royal Geographical Society

S1- S3 Course information

In studying geography, learners have opportunities to develop skills in collecting and interpreting a range of sources of geographical information.

Students will have the opportunity to develop skills of enquiry through practical activities.

Lesson are designed to make them relevant to the student’s life and help then develop an understanding of the wilder world. This should also enable students make informed choices about issues in their life.

S4 -  Course Information

National 4/5 Geography - see Course Outline document below

Higher - Course Information

Unit 1 Physical Environments

  • Atmosphere: global atmosphere and climate

  • Hydrosphere: global water cycle.

  • Lithosphere: glacial and coastal landscapes

  • Biosphere: Soil types

Unit 2: Human Environments

  • Population Geography: population structure, migration and change

  • Rural Geography: agricultural systems, their landscapes and rural change

  • Urban Geography: urban systems, patterns and change

In both Units there are Geographical methods and Techniques (GMT's). These are a range of methods and techniques for presenting, analysing and interpreting information.

Unit 3: Global Issues

  • Global Warming - Causes and Impact of climate changes

  • Development and Health - case studies of development, health and disease

To attain Higher Geography candidates must pass the internal assessments for each unit and the external assessment set by the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

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