Modern Studies

Modern Studies is a subject unique to the Scottish secondary school curriculum , that is concerned with the study of local, national and international issues from a social, political and economic perspective.

S1-3 Broad General Education (BGE) Course information

The course aims to develop pupils’ awareness of the world in which they live.  In S1 Topics include rules and laws, rights and responsibilities and democracy. In S2 Topics include terrorism and pressure groups. The two elements assessed are Knowledge and Understanding, and Enquiry Skills.


S4-6 Senior Phase Course Information

National 4/5 and CFE Higher Modern Studies are offered.

At National 4/5 pupils study three topic areas: Social inequalities in the UK, Democracy in Scotland, and International Powers (China). National 4 is a pass/fail course with no external exam. There is also an added value research task at National 4. National 5 is graded A-C. National 5 consists of an external exam worth 60 marks and an Assignment, a report on a chosen topic, worth 20 marks which is completed in class time but marked externally. 

At CFE Higher pupils study three topic areas: Social Inequalities in the UK, Democracy in Scotland and the UK, and International Powers (USA). The course is graded A-C. There is an external exam worth 60 marks and an Assignment which is worth 30 marks. The Assignment is a piece of research on a chosen topic which is completed in class, but marked externally. 


NATIONALS 4 AND 5: Use the link below for BBC Bitesize and complete the relevant activities.

CFE HIGHER: Go to the link below for modernityscotland and read any of the relevant articles and watch any of the relevant videos for our three units, taking bullet point notes for each article/video. The Username is eyemouth and you will be aware of the password. 

Useful Links

National 4 and 5 BBC Bitesize:

Higher BBC Bitesize:

Useful website for Higher pupils: