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Skills Development Scotland

Finding a career or job that you want depends upon much more than simply being in the right place at the right time. Skills Development Scotland is here to help pupils access a range of advice, guidance and support that will help them make well informed and realistic decisions about jobs, training and educational opportunities.

By using our website you will  discover more about your career ideas and the skills you need using our A – Z of jobs. You’ll also find useful information about career development, plus advice on self-employment and self assessment, part-time work, voluntary work and working abroad.


Careers Advice: Gillian Millar, School Careers Adviser

Gilliam Millar is in school every Tuesday and Thursday morning.  If you want to make an appointment to see Gillian please contact your Guidance Teacher or Mrs Nichol or see Gillian personally in the Careers Interview Room in the school library.

Parents wishing to speak to Gillian Millar should do so though the school office or by phoning Gillian on 01896 754884 or by emailing her on

Parents & guardians will find our website very useful with a wide range of up to date activities and practical activities that will enable you to support your child's decision making regarding their future career and study options.