Eyemouth High School has a Deputy Head in charge of Pastoral Mr K McKay

There are three Pastoral teachers.

Mrs Kirstin McSwan - Eye House

Mrs Heather Black - Heriot House

Ms Julie Milne - Tweed House

They have a general responsibility for supporting approximately one third of the students who enter our school each year. It is the school's aim that the same Pastoral teacher will remain responsible for a particular student during his/her school career.

The school's Personal and Social Education programme incorporates a diverse range of topics, from discrimination, internet safety and healthy living to drug and alcohol education and preparation for work to name only a few.   The Pastoral Staff at Eyemouth High School meet with students weekly for PSE education, and twice yearly for formal pastoral interviews.   However, pupils know that they can drop in to see their pastoral teacher whenever they need to discuss or seek advice from them. 

 As the pupils progress from S1 to S4, S5 and S6 pastoral staff will advise them on subject choices, on preparation for employment, and on qualifications required for further and higher education.    Pastoral staff are supported in this by a range of outside agencies who come into school and work with pupils, for example Skills Development Scotland who advise on career and further educational choices and LEAPS (Lothian Equal Access Programme for Schools) who advise pupils on the best routes into higher education.

 Pastoral staff also foster positive working relationships with parents and carers and will meet with or call them when the need arises.    If a parent/carer  wishes to discuss any aspect of their child's education or needs then it is the Pastoral Teacher who will be their first point of contact..

Should you have any enquiries or concerns please do not hesitate to call the school and speak to the relevant House teacher,. If for any reason they are unavailable, the office will take a message and they will get back to you as soon as possible.