Support for Pupils

 The Support for Learning department supports students with a wide range of needs in a mainstream setting.  In line with the new Additional Support for Learning Act, students with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, students with specific learning difficulties (for example, dyslexia) and able students are included the support provided. There is no special class or unit.

Support for Learning teachers and Additional Needs Assistants work in classrooms along side subject teachers.  In this way they can respond to the full range of learning needs.  Support staff may be involved in supporting individual students, small groups or the whole class.  Learning Support teachers also give specialised teaching and support to small groups of students.

The support provided by the department also includes:

  • identifying and assessing learning difficulties
  • drawing up individualised programmes of work
  • providing extra teaching, materials or resources
  • reading and scribing for tests and exams
  • arranging assessment arrangements for SQA exams
  • encouraging the use of ICT
  • liaising with parents and outside agencies
  • helping subject teachers to devise differentiated courses to meet the learning needs of a wide range of students.

A number of students receive additional support which is planned and coordinated by Support for Learning and monitored by the school’s School Liaison Group (SLG).

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