Parent Council

The members of the Eyemouth High School Parents’ Council for 2017-2018 are: 


Joint Chair   Mrs Wendy Brocekr-Penavler & Mrs Wendy Ward  Secretary   Mrs Raquel Lloyd-Jones Treasurer   Mrs Sophie Mc Neil 

       Mrs Janet Walker, Mrs Ailsa Slack, Mrs Ann Fotheringham, Mr Jamie MacDonald, Mrs Linsay Calder, Mrs Wendy Ward, Mrs Katherine Rutherford, Mrs Emily Bewsey, Mrs Sophie McNeil, Mrs Alison Hibbert, Mrs Christine Ritchie.

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What is a Parent Council?

In August 2007, Parent Councils were introduced to replace School Boards.

The main purpose of a Parents’ Council is to increase opportunities for parents to become involved in their child’s education.

Eyemouth High School has a Parents’ Council. The aims of our Council, contained in its constitution, are:

  • To work in partnership with the school to create a welcoming school which is inclusive of all parents
  • To promote partnership between the schools, its students and all its parents;
  • To develop and engage in activities which support the education and welfare of the students;
  • To identify and represent the views of parents on the education provided by the school and other matters affecting the education and welfare of the students;
  • To carry out fundraising activities for the benefit of the school;
  • To organise and promote social activities for students, parents and staff of Eyemouth High School.