Eco-School Committee

Welcome to the Eyemouth High School Eco Schools Committee


We are a small but very successful team promoting the importance of sustaining the environment around us both at school and the wider community. In May 2012 we became one of few high schools in the Scottish Borders to be awarded a green flag from the Eco Schools Project. Our new school provides the very best environment in which we aim to deliver the very best learning experiences for our students. We will work to support our students as they aim to achieve all that they can – both in the classroom and through their involvement in the wider life of the school and the community. We value the close working relationships that we have built between the school and our students, their families and other partners to seek the best for our youngsters.

Through our work in Pupil Voice we have developped a Litter Policy and achieved Green Flag Status. If you would like to find out more check out our website or look at the Eco Board next to the office.

This is an article about our Action Day in August 2012


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